Jessica and Michael’s Snowy Colorado Mountain Engagement Session

One of the first things you’ll notice about Jessica is her quiet beauty, her sweet and gentle spirit, and her smiling eyes that immediately make you feel like you’ve known her for half your life. Which, if you are Michael, you have.

You’ll also quickly find out she loves all things Disney, so when you find out Michael does too, you know this is a match made in heaven.

If you get the idea from their engagement session portraits that Jessica likes pink, you’d be correct.  And she doesn’t simply like pink — she really loooves pink!! She wears it a lot. In fact, she wears it every day!

So when Michael showed up at her house one evening wearing a pink shirt, with a dozen pink roses in hand, Jessica was slightly suspicious he might be up to something.

On their way to dinner, Michael stopped at Hudson Gardens (cue memorable Disney music here) and led Jessica to the Rose Garden, where he proposed. Jessica, of course, said yes.

It sounds so romantic, but in real life, as in Disney, getting to this moment  actually took a very long time.

Jessica and Michael had known each other for years — half a lifetime, actually — before they began dating.

They first met in junior high, and then became close friends throughout high school and college.

They knew each other’s personalities, hopes and dreams, and even families long before they ever decided to take the next step, which didn’t happen until they began pursuing their own professions in different states.
One weekend when Michael visited Jessica in Florida, he expressed his intentions to date her. Jessica was hesitant, however, and didn’t respond.

So in true Disney fashion, Michael pursued Jessica with song — sending her a song every day for four months.

After Michael bought Jessica dinner at a romantic restaurant on the ocean and they spent a magical day at Disney World, Jessica finally agreed to take the next step in their relationship.

Their first official date included dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and — wait for it! — watching Cinderella together.

When I asked Jessica what she most admires about Michael, she told me this:

“I love that he is an extremely hard worker and is committed to excellence. He is such a romantic and loves fairytales! He’s sweet and shows me how much he loves me constantly.

“I love that Michael sings his heart out whenever a song pops into his head. Most of all, I admire his strong love for God and his desire to be more like Christ every day.”
And Michael says this about Jessica:

“I love her heart for the Lord and her strong desire to be the face of Christ to everyone she comes in contact with. I love that she complements me well in many areas of my life. I love her kind-hearted spirit.

“I love that she laughs at my jokes and puts up with me no matter what. I love that I get to call her mine for the rest of my life.”

If you can’t tell by their sweet words, both Jessica and Michael are such romantics at heart, with a shared love of adventure and, of course, Disney classics.

In fact, as soon as our session was over, they told me they were planning to see Beauty and the Beast at least one more time — maybe more. And I have a feeling there will be many more Disney dates to follow….

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