Caitlin and Ross’s Snowy Conifer Engagement Session

I met Caitlin when she was a bridesmaid in Marie and Levi’s wedding this past fall, and it took exactly two seconds to know she is one of the sweetest people I’d ever meet. I was so excited to receive her email a few months later telling me she was engaged and planning an intimate Colorado mountain wedding this spring … and would I please be her photographer.

We met for hot chocolate (her) and coffee (me) so I could hear about her fiancé and how he proposed. Just by the way Caitlin talked about Ross, I knew there was something special about him. Of course, if he was the one Caitlin was marrying, he had to be amazing — but when I saw these two together, just WOW!! There are no words to describe how perfectly matched they are for each other. The joy they exude just being next to each other is contagious! It truly is something only God could orchestrate.

And orchestrate he did, complete with a sense of humor! Ross and Caitlin will be the first to tell you they are the kind of people who would never — as in never, ever — find a date on social media. Well, almost never. Except maybe just once. Sure enough, that’s all it took. They both tried out social media dating for a handful of days — which was exactly the amount of time it took for them to meet each other.


By their second date, both Caitlin and Ross knew there was something special between them, but neither guessed the journey God had in store!

Shortly after they met, Ross moved to Kansas to continue his apprenticeship as a lineman. “Rossy steps hot this year,” Caitlin told me, which means he’ll be a level 4 lineman apprentice and starts “hot” work. He also loves the thrill of working at heights, being outdoors, and the excitement (read: danger) of this line of work (which has led Caitlin to trust God in ways she never expected).

They’ve been dating long distance for over 8 months, which has taught them not to take for granted a single moment they have together, whether it’s running errands or visiting with family. “The goodbyes are always hard,” says Caitlin, “but they do make the hellos absolutely wonderful.”

Ross and Caitlin also learned quickly the value of meaningful and compelling conversation, which has helped them grow in their faith and grow closer to each other.

Their most joyful times together are when they are enjoying the outdoors — skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, running, hiking. “We both find God and his blessings and glory in the beauty of nature. I think this is part of the reason we want to get married outside — even in the possible cold and snow of springtime in Colorado.”

Caitlin’s been skiing and snowboarding since she was 4 years old, so last year Ross, who had never done either, took up both. He learned really quickly and he’s already — Caitlin says — a better snowboarder than she is!

Ross actually planned to propose at the top of the ski slope the day after Thanksgiving, but Colorado’s lack of snow earlier this winter made that idea impossible.

Instead, Ross got Caitlin’s whole family in on the act. They all told Caitlin they were heading up the family condo in Fraser, but on the way, they stopped instead for a “bathroom break” at the top of Berthoud Pass. “Ross and I took a couple of pictures together, and then he said we should go to a different area to take some more. I began to walk away, and when he didn’t follow, I turned around to find him on one knee!!”

Caitlin and Ross cannot wait for their spring wedding, so they can start living in one place together and sharing the little moments of everyday life. They are excited for their families to finally meet and share this moment in time with them. Their wedding is going to be small and intimate to give their families some special time together. I can’t wait to share their wedding day photos with you!



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