Allison & Nikl’s Engagement Session in Denver and Evergreen

Nikl and Allison first met when we were in the same kindergarten class at Normandy Elementary School in Littleton. They didn’t know each other very well then, or have the same friends, so when Nikl’s family moved to Phoenix in 7th grade, they lost touch.

Fast forward ten years to the age of social media. Nikl finds Allison on Facebook and they start talking on FB message. Messages turn into phone calls, and when Nikl comes back to Colorado a couple of months later to visit his brother, Allison and Nikl decide to hang out and “see what happens.”

Nikl’s flight gets in really late that night and Allison has to open at Starbucks the next morning, so she picks him up at the airport and drops him off at his brother’s house (after a goodbye kiss). The next day, they spend the day together and have their first date at Angie’s, a little Italian restaurant in Littleton where they’d both been going with their families since they were kids. And, as Allison says, “that was pretty much that.”
michelewithonel-colorado-engagement-destination-wedding-photographer_3553michelewithonel-colorado-engagement-destination-wedding-photographer_3542michelewithonel-colorado-engagement-destination-wedding-photographer_3572michelewithonel-colorado-engagement-destination-wedding-photographer_3555michelewithonel_colorado-engagement-photographer_3123One of the first things you’ll notice when you meet Allison and Nikl is they are not two but three. Adida is their sweet Norwegian Bohund, adopted from the Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program.

I’ll let Allison tell the story of how they found Adida: “My dad and stepmom adopted their pug a few years ago from the Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program, where puppies and older dogs are rescued and raised/trained by prison inmates for a few months until they’re ready for adoption. They have a great website that lists all of the dogs available for adoption, and when we were looking there happened to be a bunch of this certain breed of dog we had never heard of —the Norwegian Buhund. And there was something about them that was just so cute! So we put our names on the waiting list to meet one of the Buhund pups and another mixed-breed dog.

“When we arrived at the cafeteria of the women’s correctional facility, we looked through the little window in the door and saw this tiny little black dog with the cutest little curly tail and white paws and I knew right away the other dog didn’t stand a chance (sorry Etnie!). I fell in love with her right away, and so did Nikl, and she has turned out to be the sweetest little dog! The best thing about having Adida in our lives is just the constant love and affection she gives us, and also how much she makes us laugh and smile every day with her goofy, adorable personality. We literally could not love that little dog any more if we tried.”

michelewithonel-colorado-engagement-destination-wedding-photographer_3571michelewithonel-colorado-engagement-destination-wedding-photographer_3609michelewithonel-colorado-engagement-destination-wedding-photographer_3502michelewithonel-colorado-engagement-destination-wedding-photographer_3561michelewithonel-colorado-engagement-destination-wedding-photographer_3504michelewithonel-colorado-engagement-destination-wedding-photographer_3559michelewithonel-colorado-engagement-destination-wedding-photographer_3494michelewithonel-colorado-engagement-destination-wedding-photographer_3524michelewithonel_colorado-engagement-photographer_3124Another thing you can’t help but notice about Allison and Nikl is their love of breweries. Nikl lived in Oregon the first year they dated, so when Allison came to visit, Nikl would take her to his favorite breweries. Allison, however, admit she only recently acquired the taste for craft beer after many visits to their Highlands neighborhood hangout, Hops & Pie. “After we got Adida, breweries were a convenient choice so we could hang out with her while also enjoying some delicious beverages and not have the guilt of being bad parents.”

Allison and Nikl are getting married next year at a brewery in Oregon, and although Adida won’t be flying to Oregon for the wedding, you can be sure she’ll be well acknowledged in other special ways.

I can’t wait for next year’s destination wedding in Portland! And Allison and Nikl are beyond excited. In fact, says Allison, they can’t think of anything they are more looking forward to than having all their family and close friends in the same place — their favorite place — and being able to share everything they love most about Oregon with the people they love most.

Oh, and a huge shoutout to Ratio Beerworks for sharing their amazing location and beer with us. ;)


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