Lincoln’s Senior Portrait Session in DTC

I am super excited to share Lincoln’s senior portrait session, not only because he made it so easy and fun, but because you won’t believe the amazing things this Cherry Creek High School senior has already accomplished — even before the start of his senior year!

MicheleWithOneL_Colorado-CherryCreek-Senior-Portrait-Photographer_2768MicheleWithOneL_Colorado-CherryCreek-Senior-Portrait-Photographer_2771MicheleWithOneL_Colorado-CherryCreek-Senior-Portrait-Photographer_2782MicheleWithOneL_Colorado-CherryCreek-Senior-Portrait-Photographer_2779First, this guy is a 2016 State Debate Tournament champion!

What he likes most about debate: the intellectual discussion and the depth to which you understand current issues in the world. Lincoln explained to me that before a debate, you have to know both sides of the issue in detail because you could be called to defend either of them. Talk about talent!

He plans to continue debate through his senior year and hopefully into college.MicheleWithOneL_Colorado-CherryCreek-Senior-Portrait-Photographer_2770MicheleWithOneL_Colorado-CherryCreek-Senior-Portrait-Photographer_2781MicheleWithOneL_Colorado-CherryCreek-Senior-Portrait-Photographer_2783Another amazing thing Lincoln recently accomplished:

This summer, he went to Sirisia, a remote village in western Kenya, to do volunteer work with a local youth organization, Wealth of Health. The organization (begun in 2013 by Cherry Creek graduate Sirey Zhang when he was just a freshman!) is now made up of high school students mostly from Cherry Creek High School, but also from Kent Denver, Regis, and Arapahoe High School, all working together to create viable change in global communities.

Wealth of Health’s current work in Kenya includes supplying medical equipment as well as computer labs and computer education curriculum for students.

Lincoln says of all the things he did on this trip, interactions with the local children of Sirisia impacted him the most.

MicheleWithOneL_Colorado-CherryCreek-Senior-Portrait-Photographer_2780MicheleWithOneL_Colorado-CherryCreek-Senior-Portrait-Photographer_2778MicheleWithOneL_Colorado-CherryCreek-Senior-Portrait-Photographer_2773MicheleWithOneL_Colorado-CherryCreek-Senior-Portrait-Photographer_2776Lincoln is looking forward to his senior year — playing tennis, debating, studying economics and government, deciding where he’ll go for college, and enjoying a final year with his friends.

He is already making such a difference in the world — can’t wait to how much he’ll accomplish in the months ahead! MicheleWithOneL_Colorado-CherryCreek-Senior-Portrait-Photographer_2775 MicheleWithOneL_Colorado-CherryCreek-Senior-Portrait-Photographer_2772

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