Colleen’s Senior Portrait Session

I love it when my seniors choose locations that hold special meaning and reflect their personality in a unique and memorable way!

That’s why I was so excited when Colleen told me about a location I’d never heard of before, Camp Geneva Glen, so close to Denver I have probably driven past it dozens of times and never knew it was there! She’s spent almost all of her summers there growing up, the ideal (and idyllic!) location to start her senior portrait session!

We also headed down to the Denver Art Museum because Colleen is an artist at heart. We also discovered the side wall of an art gallery covered with old photos, which made for some unexpected and gorgeous photos of Colleen!



MicheleWithOneL_ColoradoSeniorPortraitPhotographer_0274    MicheleWithOneL_ColoradoSeniorPortraitPhotographer_0262MicheleWithOneL_ColoradoSeniorPortraitPhotographer_0269
MicheleWithOneL_ColoradoSeniorPortraitPhotographer_0268 MicheleWithOneL_ColoradoSeniorPortraitPhotographer_0409




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