Amy & Jordan Workshop + …my very own Demos Sandwich!

Those of you who know me well know I collect camera lenses like some girls collect shoes. And I also have a thing for photography workshops.

My very first photography workshop — before I even knew how to shoot in manual! — was the Jasmine Star Workshop. I know what you’re thinking: Most people start small and then go big. But if you know me at all, you understand that I tend to jump into things feet first and then learn to swim as I go (which is really a bad analogy, considering I actually can’t swim).

This year, I attended the Amy & Jordan Workshop in Richmond, Virginia. (Never mind that they also have one in Scottsdale — leave it to me to find the one furthest away.)

I can’t wait to share more photos from the workshop, but in the meantime, here’s what I can tell you:

Attending the Amy & Jordan Workshop was the best business decision I have ever made and one of the most inspiring workshops I’ve EVER attended ANYwhere, about ANYthing. I think I learned more in two days than I learned in my entire college career!MicheleWithOneL_ColoradoWeddingPhotographer_Amy&JordanWeddingPhotographers_Workshop_0601It wasn’t just about photography, but about life — about creating community with those people God brings into my life and serving those people in every way I know how.

It was about being authentic and true to my vision, the “why” of my business (loving God and serving people).MicheleWithOneL_ColoradoWeddingPhotographer_Amy&JordanWeddingPhotographers_Workshop_0607

It was about trusting that the unique story God has given me to share is the right story — and not getting discouraged by others who do photography better (because there will always be someone who does it better). I can only compare myself to the work I did a year ago, or two, or ten.

And it was a great reminder that while photography might be my passion, it is not nearly as important as the people who come into my life because of it.

Speaking of which — I met the most amazing women at this workshop and hope to stay connected with them for years to come.View More:
I was also so blessed to watch Jordan & Amy live out Christ’s love for the church in their marriage — their servant’s hearts for others and for each other. Their love and joy just bubbles out of them and brightens the lives of everyone they meet!MicheleWithOneL_ColoradoWeddingPhotographer_Amy&JordanWeddingPhotographers_Workshop_0608Yes, we learned a LOT about photography. And a lot about the business of photography. In fact, you’ll probably notice some things changing in my business as a result of what I’ve learned, and of course my photography will change and grow as I become more committed to my craft.


But hopefully what you’ll also notice is that I am going to be sharing more stories about myself and the things that matter most to me. I’d also like to learn about you and what matters most in your life. And hopefully we will get to know each other, encourage each other, and inspire each other more in the days to come! MicheleWithOneL_ColoradoWeddingPhotographer_Amy&JordanWeddingPhotographers_Workshop_0610P.S. I also learned that the Crocodile Hunter is alive and well and living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Be sure to check out Amy & Jordan’s Periscope channel if you’d like to experience the Croc Hunter for yourself. (Or, you can just click here.) You can read Amy & Jordan’s version of their workshop recap here.MicheleWithOneL_ColoradoWeddingPhotographer_Amy&JordanWeddingPhotographers_Workshop_0600MicheleWithOneL_ColoradoWeddingPhotographer_Amy&JordanWeddingPhotographers_Workshop_0599P.P.S. Sugar Shack donuts are truly THE BEST — I would travel all the way back to Richmond, Virginia,  just to have another one! And I got my very own Demos Sandwich, which is just as sweet!MicheleWithOneL_ColoradoWeddingPhotographer_Amy&JordanWeddingPhotographers_Workshop_0598

Group photos compliments of Amy & Jordan Demos. Demos Sandwich photo by Mecca Gamble.






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