5 Things to bring to your getting-ready room!

The morning of your wedding is one of the most joyous times of your life! Your getting-ready room will be filled with excitement as you share this special morning with moms, sisters, bridesmaids, best friends from high school and college roommates — all there to celebrate and wax nostalgic on your wedding day!

Your hair and makeup artists will be there too, and your favorite photographer. (Bonus tip: Make sure your photographer is someone you LIKE and enjoy spending time with! You’ll spend more time with her on your wedding day than anyone else!)

In addition to your wedding dress and the perfect shoes, here are 5 more items to bring to your getting-ready room:

1. A pretty hanger for your dress! This will allow your photographer to move your dress around for the prettiest dress shot. Make sure it can support the weight of your dress and that your dress won’t slip off.

2. Bridesmaids dresses and shoes. Your photographer may grab a shot of them all lined up in a row, or use them as a backdrop to help tell the color story of the day.

3. Your complete set of wedding stationery, including invitation, reply card, and envelopes. If you had an engagement party invitation or pretty stamps you used when you mailed out invites, it’s fun to include those too!

4. Bouquets and bouts. Have the flowers delivered to the getting-ready room if you can. This will allow us to photograph the guys getting their bouts pinned on when they’re getting ready and include flowers in other details shots. Plus EVERYthing looks prettier with flowers. :)

5. Your engagement ring and both wedding rings, your jewelry, perfume, veil or hair accessories, and any heirloom pieces that you’ll be wearing or carrying. These are the details that will help tell the unique story of the day.

And, I just have to tell you about one of my favorite brides. She had her maid-of-honor place all of these items on a single table in the getting-ready room before I arrived, with her dress on a pretty hanger close by. This made it so easy to start on detail shots without having to track down items, and the bride was able to enjoy this relaxed time with the people closest to her!




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