Three months of Saturdays

At the end of last year, I made it my goal to second shoot as many weddings as possible in 2014.

Even though I had been shooting a few weddings on my own, the idea of second shooting appealed to me for several reasons:2014-10-08_00472014-10-08_0013
First, I wanted to experience weddings from a different perspective, with more candid and behind-the-scenes opportunities instead of always directing the day. I discovered that there are aspects of both that I love.2014-10-08_00052014-10-08_0003Second, I wanted more practice. If it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something, I still have — um, well, a lot of hours to go.2014-10-08_00502014-10-08_0023Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I wanted to build relationships and serve other photographers, because so often we as photographers end up working alone.2014-10-08_00252014-10-08_0035
When I set that goal for myself, I was thinking I would maybe have three or four second-shooting opportunities by the end of the year, but God provided more than I ever expected or imagined….2014-10-08_00142014-10-08_0028
By the time wedding season is over this month, I will have shot twelve weddings with some of the most amazingly talented photographers from Colorado and across the country.
I can honestly say I’ve learned so many things from each one of them, not only as professionals but also as artists and now as friends.

In fact, I hope to continue to second shoot every year even while I book more weddings of my own. It’s a great way to grow as a photographer and see things from a different perspective, but most of all, it’s good for the soul!2014-10-08_00162014-10-08_0008
I can tell you that this was also the summer I fell more in love with weddings than I was before, if that is even possible.

This is just a small glimpse into the three months of Saturdays that made this one of the best and most beautiful summers ever.2014-10-08_00482014-10-08_00392014-10-08_00172014-10-08_00072014-10-08_00152014-10-08_0033

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