Maddy & Eric, Engaged!

Newly engaged couples are my favorite. I love hearing how they met, and so often the story of how he proposed to her just captures my heart.

That was certainly the case with Maddy and Eric!

She went to CSU. He was in school in Connecticut. They met at the top of Keystone Mountain. They fell in love, so much so that Eric moved to Colorado to play lacrosse and finish his engineering degree at CSU.

So when the time came to propose, Eric pulled out all the stops. He conspired with Maddy’s girlfriends to plan a girls’ weekend in Keystone. Then, when the girls rode to the top of the mountain, Eric was there to surprise Maddy and propose on bended knee — in the same location they had met! Eric even made sure Maddy’s family was there with them to celebrate.

And in case you were wondering what happened next, she said yes.

It only takes spending a few minutes with these two to see how in love they are, and how perfect they are for each other.