Eric, Dakota Ridge Class of 2013

Since I’m still consider myself a photo newbie, most of my clients are people I know personally. But my senior session with Eric happened because a photographer friend wasn’t able to do his shoot and asked me if I was available.

First of all, can I just say, I think this guy has a future in photography. He had taken a photography class recently and was a natural when it came to posing. I mean, really, if I hadn’t said one word to him during our session, he would have known what to do.

He was also a great sport. We had to reschedule our first shoot because of a crazy fall rain storm — and his favorite truck was in an accident just a couple of days before our shoot, so we worked around that too.

All in all, a super fun session with a great guy! And a reminder that one of the reasons I love my job is meeting such cool, amazing people I might not have met otherwise.

And, Eric, if you ever want a job coaching models on posing, I can think of at least one photographer who would hire you on the spot.

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