Kiewit Family Day at Elitch’s

I had the best time at Kiewit Construction’s Family Day at Elitch’s! Even though it was 103 degrees outside, it was cool under the pavilion, which (just in case you ever need this information) is one giant natural reflector — a photographer’s dream!

After meeting so many fabulous people, I would have to say Kiewit has earned its reputation for quality construction largely because of their employees. These people have wonderful families and tremendous kids — so impressed with everyone I met!

More coolness: Turns out my father-in-law knows the engineer and philanthropist Walter Scott, Jr., former CEO of Kiewit. (Google him if you’re interested.)

Joe says Mr. Scott is a very distinguished gentleman who happens to be a graduate of the CSU School of Engineering and a tremendous benefactor to the school. No wonder the company has such a stellar reputation and values! Great leaders make great companies.

So thankful for the chance to meet so many amazing people through photography. It truly is the best part of my job!

Special thanks to Murray Englander and A Custom Look Photography for sending me out with my camera! I’ve been hiring Murray for corporate events for years and he’s always the reason our events are such a success. He’s also been an encouragement to me in my business and especially my photography. Thanks, Murray!

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